Ensuring your success with future-proof processes

The digitalisation of your business processes offers enormous potential for business improvement, but diligence from the identification of requirements to the hypercare phase after an implemented solution is of the utmost importance. The digitalisation of business processes can only be successful in the long term with processes that meet the requirements of all stakeholders and earn their acceptance. By implementing SAP Signavio and systematic process mining, we make your processes transparent, tangible and transportable – an important step on the way to the digital transformation of your company.

At the same time, we support you with our experience in the optimisation, digitalisation and automation of your processes. Together, we lay a robust process foundation that allows you to focus on your innovations and improve your competitiveness in the long term. Our application consulting for SAP Signavio, which consists of four building blocks, enables us to fulfil our claim of ensuring the greatest possible benefit for you.

Process modelling

We record your business processes and workflows in a BPMN-compliant way using Signavio and visualise them graphically.

This offers you the following advantages:

Process transparency as a basis for optimisation:

  • Identification of inefficiencies and bottlenecks
  • By eliminating these inefficiencies and bottlenecks, you can reduce your process costs and increase your process quality

Support for compliance and risk management:

  • Transparency helps to meet compliance requirements and minimise risk
  • Improved governance over business processes

Digitalisation and automation:

  • Detailed understanding of business processes is crucial for the success of automation
  • Basis for automation through business process management (BPM) software

We apply our best practices:

  • Communication with systematic involvement of stakeholders and finding a “common language” for describing business processes
  • Interactive approach with regular review and adaptation of process models
  • Process models are presented clearly, comprehensibly and precisely using BPMN 2.0 notation
  • Use of a collaboration hub as a central platform for knowledge exchange and feedback

Process moderation

So that you can concentrate on the content aspects, we take care of the management and assessment of workshops, meetings and discussions to analyse, improve or redesign your business processes.

This offers you the following advantages:

  • Our moderators can bring in frameworks and best practices to structure discussions and implement changes in Signavio
  • Collaboration is fostered through neutral and independent casting for the role of the moderator
  • Promote consensus building through stakeholder engagement to incorporate their perspectives, needs and requirements into process design and optimisation
  • Ensuring harmonised business requirements for new or updated processes

We apply our best practices:

  • Organisation and thorough preparation of process workshops (objectives, participants, agenda)
  • Establishing clear communication rules and promoting open and constructive communication
  • Dealing constructively with conflicts to ensure effective results
  • Mediation of consensus-based solutions
  • Documenting results, follow-up and planning the next steps


We provide your organisation with the skills and knowledge to effectively use SAP Signavio to optimise your business processes in order to build up tool-related expertise and promote acceptance of SAP Signavio in your company.

We cover the following content:

  • Basics of process modelling in the specification language Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN)
  • Analysis and optimisation of business processes using SAP Signavio tools, supplemented with other best practices

Our methods and approaches:

  • Practice-orientated training courses using a combination of different training approaches
  • Target group-specific adaptation of the training content to the level of knowledge of the participants
  • Different learning formats: from active learning formats such as workshops to webinars and online courses

Learning materials and resources

  • Creation and provision of comprehensive training materials (manuals, instructions, online resources)
  • Facilitated access to online communities, forums and support networks for a lasting knowledge retention and further development

Performance assessment and feedback:

  • Implementation and evaluation of tests to measure learning success and issue certificates
  • Implementation of feedback mechanisms to collect and analyse feedback from participants in order to further develop the training courses

Application Management & Support

In your organisation, you want to be able to rely on high availability and performance, rapid problem resolution and the ability to adapt your SAP Signavio solution to changing business requirements. We take care of this through comprehensive activities to maintain, support and continuously improve this software application for your organisation.

Maintenance and improvement:

  • Performing regular updates and patches to ensure security and performance
  • Customisation of SAP Signavio to specific business processes and requirements of your company
  • Configuration of reports, forms and workflows
  • Performance monitoring to be able to react more quickly to problems


  • Development and operation of efficient ticket-based support processes
  • Troubleshooting and error diagnostics to minimise downtimes
  • Advice and support for users including ‘tips and tricks’

Training & knowledge management:

  • Regular training for application functions
  • Development and maintenance of self-help resources such as a knowledge database, FAQs, troubleshooting guides and documentation

Performance measurement & quality control:

  • Definition and monitoring of Service Level Agreements (SLA) to ensure a consistently high standard of support quality
  • Implementation of feedback mechanisms to regularly obtain feedback to improve support quality

Strategic planning & consulting:

  • Roadmapping and strategy development for the further development of your SAP Signavio solution
  • Advice on best practices and innovations whose implementation can be supported by SAP Signavio

Our Process


Get to know you

First of all, we want to understand the initial situation of your digitalisation project: what are your goals and concerns, and what complexities arise from the composition of the parties involved in the process and their interests?


Create transparency over current processes

Our holistic approach to the digitalisation of your processes begins with the joint recording and analysis of your processes. By consistently applying BPMN 2.0 notation, we ensure that your processes are modelled in a comprehensible way.


Optimisation of process blueprints

Based on the previously created transparency and tangibility, we support you with our experience in structuring and optimising your process blueprints.


Technical Requirements Engineering & Test Management

We offer you further consulting services for the implementation of your processes:

Requirements management in agile product development: in consultation with you, we translate the processes agreed with you into technical requirements that are backed up by specific test criteria.

Test management: we support you in the design of test cases and organise test management to safeguard the developments that ensure the digitalisation of your processes.

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