Our company bulheller consulting

Process and application expertise for IT-supported value-added processes

As a consultancy firm for process and IT application consulting, we have been providing our customers with advice and support for 30 years.

Our expertise in solution design and process management for complex value-added processes in SAP ERP systems has been valued by our customers in large-scale industry and the upper midmarket for many years. This complexity is our comfort zone.

In this exciting environment, we supplement our expertise with project management and test management to ensure an effective approach and high-quality implementation of the designed processes. We round this off by setting up and operating DevOps operating organisations to ensure optimum procedures for agile further development and the operation of the solutions developed in the process.

Our Values

Our guiding principles for action and the definition of our corporate values are crucial to our success and sustainability. These values define who we are, how we work and what is important to us. They serve as a compass for our daily decisions and interactions with customers, employees and society. This guide sets out our core principles clearly and concisely to ensure that we as an organisation pursue common goals and act responsibly.

We live consulting

We understand the needs and objectives of our customers and deliver customised solutions that meet their requirements and also accommodate our company’s interests. We therefore attach great importance to direct and personal dialogue with our customers on site.

We act proactively

We act independently and take the initiative to solve problems and drive topics forward. We are always open and flexible to changes in our environment and proactively pursue new opportunities.

We strive for perfection

We ensure that our work meets the highest standards and exceeds our clients’ expectations. Through effective planning and efficient utilisation of our working time, we ensure on-time delivery of high quality work results.

We work together

We strive for a good team spirit in our collaboration and support each other. We attach great importance to reliability and open communication with a constructive feedback culture. Together we successfully achieve our goals.

We develop expertise

We live a culture of continuous development and constant expansion of knowledge. Through regular self-reflection and external feedback, we drive our own development and are constantly facing new challenges.

Corporate History


The Foundation

Foundation of the company as a process and IT consulting firm


New Location in USA

Foundation of bulheller consulting Inc. in the USA


Partnership company

Formation of partnership company bulheller+partner, ingenieure


Foundation of GmbH

Foundation of bulheller consulting GmbH


Relocation to Alte Weinsteige

Relocation of bulheller consulting GmbH from Böblingen to Stuttgart’s scenic Alte Weinsteige

ISO certification and ANÜ permit

  • Quality Management System certification according to ISO 9001 for bulheller consulting GmbH
  • German Federal Employment Agency issues permit without limit of time for offering personnel leasing services (Arbeitnehmerüberlassung) to bulheller consulting GmbH

New Location in South Africa

Foundation of bulheller consulting PTY LTD in South Africa