End-to-end integrated development and operational organisation for your SAP system

Your company could benefit from using an efficient end-to-end integrated DevOps organisational model for the operation and further development of your SAP system. Compared to traditional development and operations concepts, DevOps enables accelerated delivery of enhancements that are better aligned with your requirements through the close integration of operations and development and shorter iteration cycles.

Our experienced consultants can advise you on the implementation of a DevOps organisation model managed in SAP Cloud ALM with an automated CI/CD pipeline and Tricentis-supported test automation, as well as on the ongoing development operation of your SAP S/4HANA Cloud system. From requirements engineering and sprint planning to development, customising and test management through to change management, monitoring and defect management, you can benefit from our expertise to achieve optimum results in the further development of your SAP system.

Our DevOps control cycle for your SAP S/4HANA Cloud system

Orchestration of the DevOps Cycle

In the role of DevOps Engineer, we take care of planning, setting up, and customising the systems that are used to orchestrate the DevOps cycle. This also includes the processes covered therein.

This offers you the following advantages:

  • You can focus on your business requirements for processes that are handled by your ERP system
  • You benefit from our extensive experience in IT project management in the automotive industry and particularly in SAP projects within the logistics environment

We apply our Best Practices:

  • Consistent use of proven standard solutions such as SAP Cloud ALM and SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery

SAP EWM Consulting & Customizing

We are happy to advise you on the design and optimisation of warehouse management processes and actively implement these in the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) module.

Our focus areas:


In-depth expertise in intralogistics processes mapped in SAP, especially in the inbound goods process, material flow, warehouse & production supply, and dispatch processing


Support for the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) module

Innovative solutions

Implementation of innovative solutions in the logistics environment, particularly with mobile applications & paperless intralogistics

Further development

Strategic roadmapping of the further development of your SAP S/4HANA solution


Advice on best practices and innovations whose implementation can be supported by SAP S/4HANA

Agile Development Frameworks

We are happy to take on the roles of Product Owner and Scrum Master as part of the agile further development of your SAP system. We orchestrate the development processes using the Scrum framework and ensure that the further development of your system maximises the benefits for your company.

Your advantages:

  • You can focus your invested time and energy on your business requirements for processes in your SAP System

Our Best practices:

  • We take care of methodology and structure based on established frameworks and best practices
  • Requirements management according to IREB with stringent assurance of the harmonised business requirements
  • Conception and consistent pursuit of an appropriate Definition of Ready and Definition of Done

Service Processes with ServiceNow

Establishment and operation of efficient monitoring and ticket-based support processes to control error diagnostics and problem handling in order to minimise downtimes

Your advantages:

  • Efficient operation of support processes through integration with our South African subsidiary bulheller consulting PTY LTD

Our Best Practices:

  • ITIL-compliant organisation and implementation of service processes
  • Definition and monitoring of Service Level Agreements (SLA) to ensure a permanently high standard of support quality
  • Implementation of feedback mechanisms to regularly obtain feedback to facilitate a continuous improvement of the support quality

Test Management

Our ISTQB-certified consultants organise the design and implementation of tests, from unit tests and integration tests to user acceptance tests, to ensure that all the business requirements to be implemented for your product are met.

Your advantages:

  • Early detection of errors to reduce rectification costs
  • Transparent and traceable test evidence for your system: criteria, scenarios, and results

Our Best Practices:

  • Coherent, systematic structure of the test description & test documentation
  • Consistent tracking and archiving of test documentation
  • Planning, setup & customising of defect management processes with SAP Cloud ALM
  • Test automation using Tricentis Test Automation with SAP Cloud ALM integration

Process Modelling

As part of requirements management, we record and prepare your business processes and workflows in accordance with BPMN and prepare them for use with SAP Signavio.

Your advantages:

  • Process transparency facilitates the elimination of inefficiencies and bottlenecks and contributes to risk minimisation and governance in meeting compliance requirements
  • Increased quality of digitalisation and automation through a more detailed understanding of processes
  • Improved facilitation of process mining as a link between process modelling and reality

Our best practices:

  • Communication with systematic involvement of participating stakeholders and finding a “common language” for the description of business processes
  • Interactive approach with regular review and adaptation of process models
  • Process models are presented clearly, comprehensibly and precisely using BPMN 2.0 notation
  • Use of a collaboration hub as a central platform for knowledge exchange and feedback

Training Management

Optimising your user experience and ensuring that processes are implemented correctly is supported by our training management activities. This ensures that users can operate new features and processes correctly. That also minimises efficiency losses from insufficient user knowledge in your system.

Your advantages:

  • Regular training of your employees for application functions

Our Best Practices:

  • Creation and maintenance of self-help resources such as a knowledge database, FAQs, troubleshooting guides and documentation
  • Setup and maintenance of an eLearning management system

Our contacts are at your disposal

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Managing Consultant

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Valentin Knechtel

Senior Consultant

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Björn Keller

Senior Consultant

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Jessie Barkic

Senior Consultant

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Project management for rollouts of SAP business function templates in automotive OEM production facilities

DevOps support for SAP Signavio for customers in the automotive industry