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bulheller consulting is permanently looking for experienced experts who are interested in exciting projects. If you are interested in a project, please send us a E-Mail with your current profile/CV and the project ID you’re interested in to: projekte(at)bulheller-consulting.de.

Current project requests

P0032 PMO (m/f/d) Cost-Reporting in der Finanzbuchhaltung Stuttgart 13 Monate Download PDF
P0043 Projektmanagement-Unterstützung (m/f/d) IT Customs Projekte Stuttgart 18 Monate Download PDF
P0044 Senior Tester (m/f/d) Aufbau der CyberArk PAS Suite sowie der Anbindung von Infrastrukturen an die PAM-Lösung Stuttgart 12 Monate Download PDF
P0046 Cyber Security Analyst (m/f/d) Security Operation Center Stuttgart 11 Monate Download PDF
P0054 Application Manager Intellectual Property Mgmt. (m/f/d) Application Management Stuttgart Download PDF

Cost-Reporting in der Finanzbuchhaltung

Project No.: P0032

Who: PMO (m/f/d)
Location: Stuttgart
Period: 13 Monate

Download PDF

IT Customs Projekte

Project No.: P0043

Who: Projektmanagement-Unterstützung (m/f/d)
Location: Stuttgart
Period: 18 Monate

Download PDF

Aufbau der CyberArk PAS Suite sowie der Anbindung von Infrastrukturen an die PAM-Lösung

Project No.: P0044

Who: Senior Tester (m/f/d)
Location: Stuttgart
Period: 12 Monate

Download PDF

Security Operation Center

Project No.: P0046

Who: Cyber Security Analyst (m/f/d)
Location: Stuttgart
Period: 11 Monate

Download PDF

Application Management

Project No.: P0054

Who: Application Manager Intellectual Property Mgmt. (m/f/d)
Location: Stuttgart

Download PDF




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