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Customers worldwide have been using our services for over 20 years

1994 The company was founded by Karlheinz Bulheller.

1997 The company was joined by the independent sister firm bulheller consulting Inc. in the United States.

Since 2007 the company has been continued as bulheller+partner, ingenieure, a registered partnership company.

2013 bulheller consulting GmbH was founded, with the core areas IT Project and Service Management as well as ERP Consulting.

Since 2016 the companies bulheller+partner, ingenieure, bulheller consulting Inc. and bulheller consulting GmbH are represented by the corporate brand bulheller consulting.

The industry focus lies at the automotive and production sectors.

Best of Industrie & Logistik - Innovationspreis IT ISO 9001 Zertifikat

bulheller consulting

Alte Weinsteige 71
70597 Stuttgart
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E-Mail: info(at)bulheller-consulting.de

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Karlstraße 14
71034 Böblingen
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E-Mail: info(at)bulheller-consulting.de